Creative Lyrics Videos by De Qazo Records!

Creative Lyrics Videos by De Qazo Records!



Nurtuan Records in collaboration with Nurkom VFX Creative studio, is excited to offer mind blowing, inventive, and stylistic “lyric videos” that are guaranteed to get your music more hits, more likes, more fans and more listens!

Product Description


Want your videos at the top of the charts? Then creatively add your lyrics to your videos! Fans always want to know the words – what better way to help your fans learn your lyrics than by adding creative elements to your videos that enhance their aesthetic and boost their search results?

The guys at De Qazo Records are your go-to resource for mind-blowing lyric videos! Your song lyrics can be featured on a variety of beautiful, surreal, or enhanced time-lapse footage of some of the most breath-taking landscapes anywhere on the planet! So grab your viewer’s full attention and engage them with your music and message to the very last word!

The insanely creative team at Nurkom will create you a unique, stylish and playful
“Lyric Video” with high-quality graphics, bold text, and gorgeous time-lapse landscape footage!
Fans today want more than lyrics – they want an exciting video where the message pops, twists, flies and spins into frame in perfect timing!

That’s just what we do – produce wildly creative lyric videos for artists of all genres from around the globe! Our team won’t stop until they’ve delivered the most forward-thinking, limit-pushing lyric videos anywhere on the market today! With our help, you’ll GRAB your viewer’s full attention to create a far deeper-emotional connection between your message and your audience.

With rates starting as low as $300 for a full song. De Qazo Records stands poised to help artists even on the tightest budget leverage the power of Lyric Videos!

Our dedicated, and insanely talented team has all the skills and experience in motion graphics, hi-res video, video creation and production to make your music video ROCK!

Only De Qazo Records & Nurkom VFX Creative Studios can pull this off!
We ARE the music business!
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1141 Seward st, 90038
De Qazo Records, Los Angeles, CA.
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