Mastering Production Service by De Qazo Records!

Mastering Production Service by De Qazo Records!


Product Description

Mastering—Mastering endows the recorded track with the final touch that will make it sound great in every possible way. Whether it’s in a room, online, or on radio, mastering can ensure the best sound quality for your track, regardless of where it’s played and what it’s played with. It is the very next step of the mixing phase to give the track further character and definition. When it comes to making a track sounding pro and major what counts is analog hardware! We are using original API, SSL, Neve, Pultec, Chandler Limited EQs&Comps for mixing with best available and pristine-sounding PRISM SOUND converters for only $65 per song.

De Qazo Records is a house of experts well-versed in all stages of production— and can bring your next piece from conception to completion using our technologically advanced studios.
Contact De Qazo Records ☎️+ 1 (424) 835-1213
Make sure your music gets heard, instead of passed on — with proper mastering.
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