Mixing Production Service by De Qazo Records!

Mixing Production Service by De Qazo Records!


Product Description

Mixing—Are you done recording your tracks? Well, now it’s time for a professional mixing. The ultimate objective of the mixing is not only to give the recording a kick and a pumping bass, you also need to plan it dynamically in order to reach out and take a hold of your audience. De Qazo Records can take your tracks to the next level with a group of professionals over and above a series of classic and contemporary gears. When it comes to making a track sounding pro and major what counts is analog hardware! We are using original API, SSL, Neve, Pultec, Chandler Limited EQs&Comps for mixing with best available and pristine-sounding PRISM SOUND converters. De Qazo Records can provide you with the best possible support in mixing your songs at the most competitive price of $150 per project.

De Qazo Records is a house of experts well-versed in all stages of production— and can bring your next piece from conception to completion using our technologically advanced studios.

Keep your mix at the best level with De Qazo Records.

For further information, please contact ?music@deqazorecords.com

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