Nurtuan – Give Me A Chance (DJ MentalBlue Remix)

Band : Nurtuan
Title : Give Me A Chance (DJ MentalBlue Remix)
Release Date : 12.01.2014
Label : DANCE, De Qazo Records, DJ Mental Blue, Give Me A Chance, Nurtuan, Pop, REMIX
  1. Give Me A Chane (DJMental Blue Remix) Nurtuan 5:09

Do you admire remixes? If you do so, you must take note of this special adaptation of the superhot single of Nurtuan – ‘Give me a chance’, remixed by DJ Mental Blue. You can be certain that this particular remix is going to leave you awestruck with its spectacular music brewing.

The Dance Jockeys always have their way to mold things according to their preferences. They are pretty scrupulous with their work and it showed in the music construction of DJ Mental with this very song. The entire experience of the song got revolutionized with the grooves and the sparks added by DJ Mental. The outshot of this Blue Remix by DJ Mental was literally implausible.

The DJ added some exceptional flares to the already hip and happening composition and made it something remarkable. The voice of Nurtuan was as commanding as ever and you will get a new taste of this song all together.