Nurtuan – Give Me A Chance (Pogorelov Remix)

Band : Nurtuan
Title : Give Me A Chance (Pogorelov Remix)
Release Date : 12.01.2014
Label : De Qazo Records, Give Me A Chance, Nurtuan, Pogorelov Remix, Pop, REMIX
  1. Give Me A Chance (Pogorelov Remix) Nurtuan 4:32

Alex Pogorelov is at his best with the transformation of a very popular single of the sensational musician – ‘Give me a chance’ by Nurtuan. ‘Give me a chance’ has been a pretty big hit and it was reasonable to come up with remix adaptation to let the audience enjoy a whole new flavor of the song.

Pogorelov made his point why he is one of the very best in this business with this special remix. His adaptation was, as you would have thought, pretty charismatic and filled with energy. The synchronization connecting the vocal, the composition, the background music with the lyrics was pretty enthralling and it has the aptitude to keep you on the dance floor and shake your body!

Within millions and millions of remixes, very few can confine your heart and ‘Give me a chance remix’ by Alex Pogorelov is unquestionably such an adaptation. Trust me, you will love this remix.01