Nurtuan – I Like The Way ft.Elan Noelle

Band : Nurtuan
Title : I Like The Way (feat. Elan Noelle)
Release Date : 10.09.2017
Label : De Qazo Records, Elan Noelle, Electra Pop, I Like The Way, Nurtuan, Pop
  1. I Like The Way ft. Elan Noelle Nurtuan 3:01

A fresh new single from Nurtuan – ‘I like the way feat Elan Noelle’ got released recently and it created a big upheaval with the teenagers. It is a big hit as more and more people appreciating this new single of Nurtuan, especially ladies, after his successful single ‘Give me a chance’.

You listen to the song and you will be immediately be on the groove with the techno music and lively lyrics backed by power-packed vocals. You would definitely think why the song finished so early. The song got more and more spell-bounding as Nurtuan joined Elan with his power-pop rock voice. Both of them did an exceptional job with the music composition team.

The song is so full of affection, trance, heart, soul, smile and destiny – a perfect combination for dreamers. Particularly, the ladies listeners would love this lovely song for sure and keep listening to it time and time again. It’s a perfect party song which prompts you to get on the dance floor. The song is a story-telling about living in the moment, living in love.