Nurtuan – Give Me A Chance (Official Music Video)

The new single Give Me A Chance out now!

Give Me A Chance

Directed by: Simon G. Mueller

Cinematography by: Till Newmann

Produced by: Nurbek Komekov

Editing by: Nurbek Komekov
Simon G. Mueller

Color Artist: Timofey Goloborodko

Music Written by: Alexey Pogorelov, Arma, Ronald Borjic

Mastered by: Oliver Wagner

Heiress Pearse
Jessica Duclos
Yeranie Orbe

Costume Designer: Sophie Kirisits

Make up artist: Goran A. Sliskovic

Assistant Director: Rob Barriales

Location Manager: Mustafa M. Bhuiya

© 2017 De Qazo Records, Los Angeles, CA.

The Official Music Video Release Nurtuan – I Like The Way (feat. Elan Noelle)

Big Thanks for the whole team!

I Like The Way

Directed by Alex Nasonau
Cinematography by Chris Johnson
Produced by Nurbek Komekov

Editing by Nikita Zhuravlev

Color Artist Roy Sun

Music Written by Prut, Troy LaHigh, Daniel Hennell
Mastered by Oliver Wagner

Ekaterina Lihacheva
Elina Fedorova
Aizhan Lighg
Ariel King

Make up artist Leon Klimá

Executive Producer – @Dmitry Koshutin

And Thanks for Alexey Voronov & Beau Vallis for participation in «I Like The Way» editing & sounding.

© 2017 De Qazo Records, Los Angeles, CA.